death takes a holiday
posted 1 year ago

"You shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am titanium."

Name: Shay Martino ► Age: 20 ► Species: Human ► Faceclaim: Zoë Kravitz ► OPEN

It’s not easy being the odd girl out. It’s even worse when your mother is dead and your father is the town’s undertaker. Shay’s heard more than her fair share of corpse-related humour, not all of it directed in a friendly way. She’s learned to keep her guard up around her peers; some of them shoot to kill, as it were. Ironically, she found her place in a group of outcasts with similar problems. It wasn’t perfect, or ideal, but it was the best she could get with a nickname like Necro-Girl. Shay was happy with her life, at least. She focused on her schoolwork and tried to make her father proud.

Shay knows she shouldn’t approve of the new-found immortality of some of the town’s citizens. The family business has its roots in death, after all. But she doesn’t wish death upon people needlessly. Some of them are just trying to go about their lives after all. Shay prefers a general policy of non-interference. If it doesn’t concern her, she doesn’t bother sticking her nose in. Of course, it’s hard to stay impartial forever…

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