death takes a holiday
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This will most likely be updated in the future, but it outlines the basics.

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Anonymous → Can you fix your promo pic, 'cause it says death TAKES TAKES a holiday. Please and thank you. *Just a concerned citizen.


Well that’s embarrassing…

Fixed! Thanks for letting us know.


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…as well as an affiliate page!

Collin’s Coffee Shop

A Town Called Walsh

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And that’s the end of the first batch of characters! I know we don’t have a ton of interest yet, but we’re working to get the word out! If you’d like to request something, why not leave a comment below?

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"Take all your chances while you can, you never know when they’ll pass you by."

Name: Hannah Tran ► Age: 30 ► Species: Human ► Faceclaim: Maggie Q ► OPEN

Hannah is the quiet sort. She mostly keeps to herself, but it’s more out of seclusion than by choice. Most people think she’s strange, because of her chosen profession. Somebody has to look after your family’s final resting place, she says. Hannah’s the one who cleans up after the grieving families and makes sure the graveyard is in immaculate condition. She also does her best to keep meddling kids from knocking over headstones (most of the ‘haunted graveyard’ rumours can be traced back to her) and causing damage. It’s not an easy life, but it’s the one she chose, and she’ll gladly tell you she’s more than happy.

It isn’t in her nature to interfere with things. Hannah has seen her fair share of death, and what it does to people. But she also knows healing is part of the process. Without death, there can’t be new life. Some people just don’t understand this, of course. But Hannah doesn’t bother with them. It isn’t her fight, she says, so she’ll stay completely out of the way, thank you very much.

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"You shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am titanium."

Name: Shay Martino ► Age: 20 ► Species: Human ► Faceclaim: Zoë Kravitz ► OPEN

It’s not easy being the odd girl out. It’s even worse when your mother is dead and your father is the town’s undertaker. Shay’s heard more than her fair share of corpse-related humour, not all of it directed in a friendly way. She’s learned to keep her guard up around her peers; some of them shoot to kill, as it were. Ironically, she found her place in a group of outcasts with similar problems. It wasn’t perfect, or ideal, but it was the best she could get with a nickname like Necro-Girl. Shay was happy with her life, at least. She focused on her schoolwork and tried to make her father proud.

Shay knows she shouldn’t approve of the new-found immortality of some of the town’s citizens. The family business has its roots in death, after all. But she doesn’t wish death upon people needlessly. Some of them are just trying to go about their lives after all. Shay prefers a general policy of non-interference. If it doesn’t concern her, she doesn’t bother sticking her nose in. Of course, it’s hard to stay impartial forever…

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“Realize the strength, move on.”

Name: Louie Connor ► Age: 27 ► Species: Human ► Faceclaim: Fran Kranz ► OPEN

Louie is your typical happy-go-lucky guy, maybe a short temper here and there. He doesn’t have the greatest patience but really, did that matter? His dad thought he was going nowhere in life, said he goofed off too much. Louie didn’t see anything wrong with having a bit of fun, even if he was a bit older for the charade. He’d gone to school, got a four-year degree in business (anyone could use a major like that) and that was that. His mother passing away had been expected. A tumor in the brain was something he hadn’t planned on her surviving. He loved her and understood death. It was inevitable. Everyone was getting his or her panties in a wad over nothing these days. If you died, you died. Simple as that. Maybe he needed a pretty girl to make him think life was meant to stick around for but right now Louie just figured accept it and move on.

Death was sad to him, he wasn’t cold, but it was a part of life. It helped people…grow. It gave them experience. People couldn’t be so sheltered. Death could be scary, it was the unknown, and people feared the unknown, but if you thought about it…everything in the world was unknown. No one knew what would happen in five minutes. Louie figured if you were scared of death you should be scared of life. Being indifferent to death didn’t make him a heartless bastard. He liked to think of himself as strong. He needed to stay strong. Weather the storm. He’d make it through.

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Name: Claireese Ross ► Age: 24 ► Species: Human ► Faceclaim: Deborah Ann Woll ► OPEN

Claireese always had a fascination with death. Some part of her figured she’d grow up to be a pathologist or coroner because there was just something that allured her about death. How did they die? Where? When? Whatever the reason was, it intrigued her. And with that curiosity, Claireese wondered the body’s reactions to any cause of death. Stabbing? Poison? Bullet? What would the tendons and muscles look like after the skin was peeled off from a knife like an apple? How would the blood run? She was always bombarded with these questions daily, not always knowing the answers, and when the deaths stopped in St. Marie, Claireese thought she could’ve cried. How was she to learn anything as an apprentice at the funeral home if nobody was dying? 

Death was supposed to happen. That’s how it worked. Claireese didn’t just think that because of her choice of major, either. But if death was going to cease to exist in St. Marie, then maybe Claireese would have to take matters into her own hands. After all, it is a learning experience, right? 

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